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Sincere and honest
Faithfulness the customer, the absolute sincerity service, is responsible.
The having a firm and sincere aim in the common enterprise, never says die, perseveres.
Communicates sincerely frank, goes straight there and comes straight back.

We oppose the behavior which and resists any slanders mutually and engages in factional strife. in enterprise's staffs is the valuable staff loyally, cared that staff's leadership is the valuable leadership.

we scrupulously follow the commercial ethics, despises shamelesslies seek gain, only then can complete the work with single-hearted devotion like this for the customer.

Solid and new
We scrupulously follow the real diagnosis, the actual combat, the actual effect principle.
Speaks with the strength, speaks with the achievement. Not only name, but only solid, not only studies, but only uses.
Regards the innovation is the life, our enemy is sticks to old ways, sticks to established ways, the parochial arrogance.

We through the system, team's study and use for reference, realize the knowledge beaming conformity, achieves the innovation and the surmounting goal.

Altogether enters
We believed that the consultation achievement is the team wisdom crystallization, guaranteed that the consultation quality must display the cooperative effect.
So long as has ability, each members may be us “the leader”, we are glad to let the trust the partner replace itself

We are unceasingly enterprising, the Japan new date enters, anybody and the matter and so on cannot let us give up to joint undertaking's purs.

We believed that so long as attentively and diligently, does not have anything not to be impossible.

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